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Recently Facebook was hacked and over 50 Million users were affected. Refer to this article here. Given the new law of GDPR, this may lead Facebook to a very big fine (in millions of dollars) especially if some of the users were citizens of European countries.

Who needs to be GDPR compliant?

For details on what GDPR is, who it affects and all the relevant details, watch this video

When you watch this video, you will realize that almost all businesses, especially websites, as long as they have a potential to attract citizens of Europe, they MUST be GDPR compliant, whether their business owners know it or not.

This is the business you are going to do. To help all these local businesses to become GDPR compliant using our software. Businesses do not want to risk breaking the GDPR Law and end up on trouble. You will therefore charge them a fee you will determine for this service and earn 100% of what you charge them-not commission.

You will get access to our software which is very easy to use. Just fill in the necessary information and press a button and you are done. Just check out this step by step tutorial showing you how exactly you will do that in 2 minutes.

Click here to get your access and start making your own money right away.

We are making this even sweeter. When you buy and get access to our software, to help you kick start your business, I will give you 50 leads preferably around your location (but obviously can be anywhere in the world).

The leads will have the following information;

  1. Name of the business
  2. Website of business
  3. Address of the business
  4. Rating of this business
  5. Email of the business
  6. Phone number of the business

Any of that information that is available we shall give it to you as a bonus, thank you for using our software.

All you have to do is contact these leads, establish a relationship with them, make their website GDPR compliant and also start doing other more works for them since they trust you now-we can always work with you on this. Get paid and keep 100%

Just imagine if you charge each business $50. How much many can you make of the 50 leads we shall make available to you with just your small investment which is a one time fee.

However, you got to act now. After this introductory offer ends, whoever wants to start this business will be paying a monthly fee of $47  and obviously there will be a fee for the leads which if you buy now you are getting for free.

All you have to do is subscribe to our software, send me a copy of your receipt and tell me the city where you want your 50 leads to come from. I will then send you access to the software, together with your leads to kick start your business.

Sounds a deal to you? What are you waiting for? Get your access below.

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